Spotlight: Ranunculus

Spotlight: Ranunculus

There are over 600 varieties of Ranunculus that come in shades of yellow, red, pink and white. A crowd favorite, especially when it comes to wedding bouquets, these charmers have a meaning and history that may surprise you. Here’s the 411 one of our fav soft and delicate blooms: 

  1. Ranunculus Are a Frequent Wedding Flower
    Made up of 100 to 130 soft and delicate petals, these romantic and full blooms are often a staple in wedding bouquets.  Ranunculus come in soft pastel colors or punchy brights to fit with any color palette. They are also a cut flower MVP, lasting 7-8 days in a vase without any special care or flower food. These sweet blooms also symbolize affection and everlasting love making them the perfect flower to hold as you walk down the aisle! 

  2. Their Name Means “Little Frog”
    Their name “Ranunculus” comes from a combination of two Latin words. Rana meaning “frog” and unculus meaning “little”. These flowers were first found blooming in Southwestern Asia. Its believed that their name was fitting bexcuse they grew along streams and were as prevalent as frogs in the springtime. 

  3. They Reflect UV Light 
    So many of us played the game as kids where you held a buttercup under your chin to see if it made your chin glow yellow— if it did, it meant that you liked butter. Even though it had nothing to do with your butter preference, the color under your chin isn’t just an optical illusion… the petals do actually glow! Ranunculus petals have mirror flat cells that bounce back light. This effect reflects UV light, which helps attracts bees and looks vibrant from any angle.

These delicate blooms are more than just a filler flower, they have history, symbolism and literally glow from within. Send a bouquet to those you love to show how much you admire them, they’ll love seeing those happy blooms in a vase for a week!


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